I have several interests and hobbies besides geology and GIS. Here are just a few that keep me sane.


I've recently taken up photography as a hobby and am having a lot of fun with it. Sunrise/sunsets, architecture, flowers, still life, and portraits are my current favorite subjects. I post some pictures on Flickr if you care to take a peek at my photostream:

Board Games

Few things in life are as fun as gathering friends around a good board game. I'm particularly enjoying the rising popularity of "German style" board games in the US. Current favorites include Settlers of Catan, Arkham Horror, Power Grid, Tsuro, Pandemic, the list goes on... Many thanks to Wil Wheaton for spreading the word on


Give me three of just about anything and I will juggle it (I'll try anyway...) It's a hobby I picked up in junior high but became enthusiastic about my sophomore year of undergrad. 4 is the most balls I can juggle at once, sometimes I can pull off a flash of 5 from time to time (a flash is throwing all the balls up and catching them all once.) I can juggle rings, clubs, and fire(!) as well. One day I might post some videos or pictures of juggling here.